Our Patented Venturi Flow System

Taronis’ patented technology is called Venturi Plasma Arc™ and is based on flowing the target liquid waste through a submerged electric arc between two electrodes. The arc breaks-down the liquid molecules into atoms and forms a plasma around the tips of the electrodes at about 10,000 degrees F. The Venturi moves the plasma away from the electrodes and controls the formation of the gas product that rises to the surface for collection.

Advantages of Taronis Gas

Taronis’ gas has a higher flame temperature than acetylene and has been independently certified at 10,500ºF; it can cut faster and cleaner, with little to no slag and uses less oxygen than its competitors. More specifically, it can cut a two-inch steel plate at a rate of 18 inches per minute, a full 38% faster than acetylene and 44% faster than propane. Additionally, it emits significantly less carbon dioxide (CO2) than competing gases.

Venturi Technology Overview

  • Our patented system enables fluid to efficiently pass through a submerged plasma arc.
  • To create a synthetic fuel, the fluid must contain hydrogen and oxygen, carbon supply can be facilitated by the electrodes.
  • As the fluid passes through the arc, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen molecules are liberated and gasified.
  • A wide range of feedstocks can produce different gases, with differing flame and heating properties.
  • Typically, our fuels are 40-60% ionized hydrogen and 30-40% other synthetic hydrocarbon and carbon compounds.

Venturi Technology Overview