Our Proprietary Fuel, MagneGas, is the Ideal Alternative Fuel Solution

For the remainder of 2020, we are discounting MagneGas at up to 50% the cost of acetylene in all markets served. Find a location near you for more information!



Our production process pollutes zero fresh water. Acetylene production contaminates 3 billion gallons of fresh water annually. Our fuel produces zero greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels used in industry account for 22% of US greenhouse emissions today.


Our proprietary synthetic gas is independently proved to be safe for storage and used as a compressed gas. We are dedicated to  eliminating needless  accidents, injuries and  fatalities within the  industries we serve.


We produce the only renewable metal cutting fuel product in use today. This product can reduce total costs to cut by up to 75% through the combined benefits of faster cutting speeds and reduced grinding and polishing.

How MagneGas Compares

Other than MagneGas, no alternative fuel solution can offer a superior flame temperature characteristic at a comparable price to acetylene or propane.

MagneGas vs Acetylene

In a side by side comparison of a cut with MagneGas (left) vs a cut made with acetylene (right), the difference is clear. MagneGas leaves little to no slag, leaving you with less post production cost and time!