magnegas-photoMagneGas™ is an innovative green gas that is a replacement to acetylene. As well as being both safer and more cost effective than acetylene, it also cuts faster and cleaner.

MagneGas™ also improves the performance of equipment and the productivity of employees by concentrating the heat at the precise point of the cut, this creates a higher quality cut. MagneGas™ is safer because there is limited flashback during cuts and has a lower toxicity than acetylene. Since MagneGas™ costs less than acetylene and uses less oxygen it is very cost competitive and saves users money.

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The latest innovation, MagneGas2®, is made of a renewable source and has a higher temperature than propane, acetylene, and the original MagneGas™. Like MagneGas™, MagneGas2® also cuts faster and cleaner with little to no slag and uses less Oxygen. MagneGas™ can cut 2 inch steel at a rate of 18 inches per minute, 38% faster than Acetylene and 44% faster than Propane.



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MagneGas Welding Stress Test