• Portable, lightweight, and compact design
  • Uses MagneGas2®, cutting 40% faster than other oxy-fuels like acetylene
  • Up to 90 minutes of metal cutting
  • Perfect for emergency responders and bucket lift applications

The MagneTote is a fully portable, all-in-one metal cutting torch system. Its lightweight, portable design puts your torch right where you need it, and eliminates the need for long, unwieldy and unsafe torch hoses. Everything needed to perform the cutting task is right at your fingertips.

For emergency responders, this can substantially decrease the amount of time needed to set up, time that could be critical to saving a life.

For construction or bucket lift applications, the MagneTote portable unit can save time and increase safety, both of which translates into cost savings on the job.

Using MagneGas2, a revolutionary cutting fuel made from renewables, increases the speed of the cuts and its effective heat zone is maximized and pinpointed. It can cut up to four times farther away from metal than conventional torch sets. For more information, read more here.


Height – 24”

Width – 17.25”

Depth – 13”

Weight: 70 lbs approximately


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All-In-One Portable Metal Cutting Torch System